The adventure of a tiny grasshopper with a short but thoughtful story.


Grasshopper does not like food at home, so he decides to leave and find better snacks in the world. Collect all the seeds, find hidden places, make your way through the forest to find your place – in your life.


A – start game, close dialogues (C on desktop)

B – hold to set jump strength, release to jump (X on desktop)

Left / Right – move grasshopper on the ground

Up – read help signs

Created with GB Studio by BunnyMnemonic

Version 1.4

© 2021


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Nice graphics and good jumping mechanics. I agree with the others that the signs can get a bit in the way. Push a botton to read, like Max suggested would be a really good idea! :)

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Thank you very much for your kind feedback! :) I fixed the help signs, players will be able to read them by pressing the UP button (coming soon in the next version). :)

What a cute game. I like the unique jumping mechanic

A suggestion: Make it so you have to hit a button to read the signs. Maybe up or the button that isn't for jump

Thank you very much for your kind feedback and for the suggestion! That is a good idea.

Awesome! Happy to help

A new version is available with the changes you suggested. :)

cool I’ll try it :)

Its cute, the signs pop up a lot, as I fall down :


Thank you very much for the nice feedback!

It is now fixed in the new version. (With music!)